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Happy 2024! A quick look back—and some fast moves ahead.

Autovol was founded in 2018. So technically, we turned 5 a few months back. But it took time to build a groundbreaking operation and start producing. In less than 4 years since esablishing a working factory, our Solutioneers have produced a LOT of housing. Here are a few stats on our progress so far.

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Autovol™ robots and Solutioneers™ now building affordable housing—press release 

First-of-its kind Idaho factory nears completion of five-story San Jose, CA apartment building.

Just over two years since it broke ground, Autovol is now using automation in new ways as it nears completion of its first major affordable housing project. The project, Virginia Street Studios, will make high quality apartment homes more affordable to seniors in San Jose, one of America’s 10 most expensive cities.

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