Happy 2024! A quick look back—and some fast moves ahead.

Autovol was founded in 2018. So technically, we turned 5 a few months back. But it took time to build a groundbreaking operation and start producing. In less than 4 years since esablishing a working factory, our Solutioneers have produced a LOT of housing. Listed below are a few stats on our progress so far.

Autovol’s 100th module (2020)

Autovol Milestones

More than 1.7 million square feet of usable space

More than 2,200 living units—including more than 3,200 bedrooms

Produced 17 multifamily projects in early February, with project 18 currently ramping up

Framed 14,3 million board feet of lumber

Achieved a 5-module-per-day factory benchmark

Named a U.S. Top Workplace three years running based on employee input analyzed by Energage

Named the #1 Idaho Top Workplace in Energage’s 2023 Top Workplaces survey

Received the Modular Building Institute’s Excellence in Innovation Award in 2022

Identified as America’s highest-volume modular plant in in the multifamily category based on Modular Building Institute data

Set new technological precedents for how automation is used to build modular housing

Co-pioneered a data-driven manufacturing process, that effectively transforms project data into digital twin models then into robotic manufacturing code.

Staffed over 200 full-time of Solutioneers™ in a tight labor market, during a pandemic.

Over the past year, our momentum has grown as we exceeded our own previous yearly production achievements. In 2023, we produced 629,772 sq. ft. of living space (10.98 football fields), 861 modules762 apartment units, and 1,203 bedrooms.

Autovol is now working to solidify our 5-modules-per-day benchmark, which should help us surpass the above milestones over the next two to three years. And our co-founders are sharing what they’ve learned with future factory owners in other regions of the US and beyond. That’s good news for those rooting for higher production of much-needed housing. Thanks to all who have made our growing history a success story!