01 Building Autovol

Making Smart

Autovol is pioneering new solutions
to the affordable housing crisis.

02 Evolving the Industry

2020 Foresight

The Power of Modular—Automated

Come along with Autovol as we build a future where people can afford to live where they want to live. Key trends in housing have created a perfect storm that traditional “stick build” construction can’t address. Explosive demand for housing and a crisis-level shortage of construction laborers have created major issues in cost and completion time. Yet the construction industry is the only U.S. industry that has seen a downtrend in productivity over the past few decades.

After pioneering volumetric modular construction and seeing its tremendous advantages over stick build, the team who founded Autovol saw the promising next step forward: automation. The Autovol factory will combine best practices in volumetric modular with factory automation to transform construction and help conquer the worldwide housing crisis.

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Exponential Potential

Automated volumetric modular construction. Orders-of-magnitude potential for affordable housing.

Stick Build Construction






Modular Construction






Automated Modular Construction






03 Bringing You In

From Here to There

Our People, Partners, and Progress

Feeding a massive need. Automation power meets housing crisis.

Quality living in sought-after places on a modest budget: Pacific Companies CEO Caleb Roope shares his affordable housing legacy and his hopes and vision for its future.

The potential for automated volumetric in the affordable housing space is a complete reset in cost and time…

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Cultivating a hybrid plant. Autovol breaks ground on a big vision.

The CEO and CTO of Autovol outline key steps from pioneering modular to conceiving the industry’s first automated volumetric modular factory.

For the U.S., the Autovol factory is going to be a huge deal…

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Building an elite team. Staffing and partnering up.

Why join Autovol? Meet some of our early team and partners for an inside-take on the unique culture, spirit, and literal ground-floor opportunities in this emerging industry.

I’m a part of something bigger than myself…

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04 The Solution

Be Part of the Solution

Build the Future with Us

Our people are as one-of-a-kind as Autovol: we engineer, we pioneer, we build solutions together. That’s a Solutioneer.

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05 Answering Questions

This Moment In Time

Answers to Key Questions

Backed by $100 million in funding from a group headed up by lead investor The Pacific Companies, Autovol will be the first automated volumetric modular plant of its kind. As such, it will set the standard for automated manufacturing of large-scale multiunit housing and hotel complexes, enable breakthroughs in construction cost, productivity, and quality. It will also create rewarding new careers in construction.

What does “automated volumetric modular construction” mean?

The term “volumetric” indicates high-volume, multiunit housing complexes as opposed to single family homes. “Modular” means that apartments, hotel rooms, and other units we build are built in a factory as individual modules, complete with all wiring, plumbing, and final fixtures before they ship from factory to building site. “Automated” means this factory, unlike other volumetric modular factories, will use advanced robotics somewhat similar to those seen in modern car factories.

When will the factory be up and running, how big will it be, and how will it work?

We are targeting early 2020 for the Autovol factory to be operational. The factory floor will be approximately 400 thousand square feet. The factory will combine human and robotic functions on a new level for volumetric modular construction.

What factors went into your decision to locate the factory in this area of the Treasure Valley?

Freeway access, rail system access, low traffic-congestion impact, central location within the Treasure Valley workforce population, property availability, and cost.

Is the use of automation taking away potential jobs from local trade laborers?

For some time now, there has been a shortage of labor and a lack of skilled labor to fill the need that exists in housing construction. This technology will create new kinds of job opportunities in the automated fields.

How many employees will Autovol be hiring initially?

We expect to build a team of several hundred in a variety of functions. Human functions will include engineering, project management, integration, human-controlled automation, finish-construction functions, and more. We will emphasize hiring locally, with some supplemental expertise from out of state specialists as needed.

What kind of work environment does Autovol expect to provide?

This type of construction is in a consistent, highly controlled, state-of-the-art onsite environment. It will have quality assurance systems and precision processes. It will improve working conditions over previous construction approaches.

How much will this factory disrupt the local area noise, traffic, and infrastructure?

Once construction is complete, there will be little to no noise effect, minor traffic impact, and the factory will actually advance the area’s current infrastructure. We will do noise-level testing after one year to further prevent any unlikely noise impact. Traffic lanes for property approach and entry will be added.

If a construction downturn hits, how will Autovol fare compared to other construction firms?

Should a downturn occur, Autovol expects to be in an advantageous position because it will offer a unique level of efficiency and cost control.

Will the creation of this factory improve housing availability and affordability in the Treasure Valley?

By focusing on higher density housing designed to house more people and use less real estate, this factory will primarily reduce cost and construction time in market areas served. While many of these projects will be found in larger urban areas, any projects Autovol may complete in the Treasure Valley will benefit from this style of building.

06 Making Contact

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