Explosive housing demand and severe labor shortages have created a housing crisis. Autovol has pioneered a now-proven solution. Our first-of-its-kind factory brings together the best practices of modular construction and automation. Solutioneers practice the trades with pride and joy, adding robots as tools to supercharge speed, precision, and output. Communities get a thriving new source of top quality housing. Add it all up. We think we’re onto something.




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See the journey of Autovol’s 100th  module. This journey begins at the end, with a twist you won’t expect. Wait for it!


“Modular” units or modules are built in a factory, then shipped to a site. “Volumetric” modules are fully enclosed, six-sided structures with finished interiors. “Automated” processes do back-breaking and repetitive processes with repeatable data-driven precision. It’s a triple-threat attack against the housing crisis.

The factory floor is approximately 400,000 square feet, with an adjoining office space of 30,000 square feet. The factory combines human and robotic functions. It can produce multiple extremely high-quality living units each day. Finished modular units are shipped to the final building site. At the site, they’re assembled into apartments, condos, and hotels in a few weeks’ time.

Our Nampa, Idaho location offers freeway and rail system access. We are strategically located in an ideal hub to serve cities throughout the West. One of America’s fastest growing communities, the Treasure Valley has a growing population, good property availability, and attractive cost of doing business.

There continues to be a major shortage of skilled labor in the construction trades. Autovol will create hundreds of jobs within our factory, and many more in companies we rely on for outside services. Autovol’s technology innovation creates ground-floor careers in a new kind of workplace that combines engineers, programmers, machine operators, and the construction trades. Also, with robots reducing the physical demands, more types of people can now work in construction.

We’re building a team of Solutioneers in a variety of functions: engineering, project management, integration, human-controlled automation, finish construction, and more. We will emphasize hiring locally, with some supplemental expertise from out of state specialists as needed.

Autovol is not only inventing a new way of building. We’re doing it in a state-of-the-art facility with comfortable conditions, hours, and benefits. We’re also inventing a cultural movement of inclusion where all ideas are welcomed and heard. Our sleek glass walls encourage transparency, equality, and removal of barriers of status or title. Our natural wood accents reclaimed from barnwood found onsite remind us we are bringing together the best of the past and future—with a heart. Our facial-recognition sign-in and out requires a smile, and our Solutioneers all work to keep that smile on each others’ faces all day.


We hire Solutioneers in administration, facilities, modular construction, skilled trades, construction trades, engineering and IT, finance, operations, procurement, production, quality assurance, shipping and more.